filmmaker’s workshop

Paul Jenkins Instructs at KTFF

On the day of the festival, Saturday, April 21, 2018, all interested students are invited to join us for the STUDENT FILMMAKER’S WORKSHOP taught by professionals in the industry!

LOCATION: MC Theater at the ARTitorium, 271 W Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID

TIME: 10:00 AM


*All films submitted in the festival will be shown in their entirety during the workshops. Only the winning films will be shown at the film festival.

Clinician Bios:

Paul Jenkins, Owner of:

Intermountain Film & Video Productions

Idaho Falls

     Paul has taught the student filmmaker’s workshops for all ten years of the festival. His work in television news included weekly contributions to CBS Sunday Morning News. Prior to establishing a film and video production company in 1972, he worked as a cinematographer and editor at a large  film studio.

     He has done independent film and video production for all major networks and many cable channels. His work has appeared at the Statue of Liberty Museum and Epcot Center. Paul has been nominated for an “Emmy” and was awarded an “Indy” for best Industrial film production.

Josh Contor


  Josh Contor loves telling stories.  He wrote his first play in 2nd grade, a Musical Western (and was patiently told that having the sheriff get killed by a train at the end was “anti-climactic”), cast the entire class, and staged a bank robbery complete with grease-pencil mustaches and cap-guns. Years later, his ever-patient parents got him up  a Hi8 camera and an iMac, and Josh was hooked on making movies.

     In high school, Josh spent the weekends shooting low-budget epics and gangster movies with his friends. Josh is a Kiwanis Teen Film Festival alumni, having been awarded Best Drama, Honorable Mention, Best Short Subject, Best Sports, and Best Documentary. Currently, he is Majoring in Film Production at BYU, Minoring in Business and looking forward to a career in filmmaking. He has worked for KIDK TV 3, KIFI TV 8, ESPN, BYU-TV, and CNN.


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