Rules & Forms

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Print off the following forms and registration material for every film you submit.

Please double check the following prior to mailing your submission(s)

  • completely fill out the entry forms 
  • include the $20 entry fee per film
  • include your film(s)
    • Please note film length limits:
      • Drama and action- 3-10 minutes
      • Comedy- maximum of 10 minutes
      • Sports/Recreation- maximum of 5 minutes
      • Animation/Claymation- maximum of 5 minutes
      • Short Subjects- maximum of 3 minutes
      • Documentary- 3-10 minutes
  • Films may be submitted in the follow ways:
    • DVD format (must be able to play on a standard DVD player, not just on a computer and/or laptop).
    • Flash drive: MP4 format (prefered) or QuickTime h.264
    • Dropbox:  Shows should be in MP4 or H.264 format
      • Go to (If the link doesn’t work, just type it into your search bar.)
      • Sign In with Google
        • This is a blue bar box – click on the bar that reads “Sign in with Google”
        • Email – Entry box asks for Email or phone – enter
        • Enter or Click “Next”
        • Password  – Enter the Password: ktffentry2018
        • Click “Sign In”
      • Click on Files
      • Open KTFF ENTRY Folder
      • Drag video into folder
      • Wait for video to upload – blue progress bar at bottom of screen
      • Progress Bar will turn green when upload is complete
      • Click on Thumbnail of your video to verify that it is uploaded
      • Sign Out of Drop Box
    • If films are delivered by Dropbox, the paperwork and entry fee must be received before the submission deadline
  • have a guardian/parent signature on the registration form

Send submission info to:

Jessica Baksis 10315 N Dorian Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83401


2018 Competition Official Entry Form

2018 KTFF Certification and Release

2018 Rules

Use of Other Artists Work


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