13th Annual Film Festival

Film Fest Logo

             2017 Winners!              

Animation – “Panda” – Alyssa Doering

Comedy – “Juno 4” – Brigham Bentley

Documentary – “Making Something Good Out of Wood” – Grant Wood

Drama & Action – “The River” – Lorenzo Salazar

First Time Entry – “Sun Valley, Idaho” – Chloe Stoddard

Short Subjects – “Swings” – Alex Browning

Sports & Recreation – “14th Gear” – Brock Olson

Best In Show – “Dream” – Sam Herrin, Landon Porter, Dawson Hill

Come Celebrate the 13th Annual Film Festival this April!

Are you a young director itching to show your movie? Are you a film fan who would love to see brand new, independent films? Then the Kiwanis Teen Film Festival is for you!  Submit your film, or just come join us for a night of movie magic this April.

FILM SUBMISSION DUE DATE: Friday, April 21 , 2017 WHO: Any Idaho middle school, junior high, and high school students (Grades 7-12) plus Jackson, Afton, and Star Valley, Wyoming WHERE: Colonial Theater, 450 A Street, Idaho Falls TIME: 6:30 PM WHEN: Saturday, May 6, 2017  SCHOLARSHIPS: Top prize: $1,000, category winners: $300, plus additional prizes, including “Best of the Junior Division” (grades 7 & 8). REQUIREMENTS: Entry Fee $20 ( per film). Plus, submission – rules – release forms. Although others may assist, the writing, direction and production for each film must be primarily done by students, grades   7-12. *PLEASE NOTE:  Only the winning films will be shown at the festival.


STUDENT FILMMAKER’S WORKSHOP: On the day of the festival all interested students are invited to join us for a Filmmaker’s Workshop taught by professionals in the industry!  Location: Colonial Theater Idaho Falls, ID TIME: 10:00 AM

Thanks to our generous sponsors EIRMC & The Hartwell Corp., there will not be an admission price at the film festival. That’s right, FREE ADMISSION!!!

Please checkout the Student Conservation Council’s Film Festival brought sponsored by the Wood River Land Trust. Click the image below for details.

wood river


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